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      Established in 1965; San Deco got into the sector by producing interior-exterior paint and plasters. At 90s, San Deco took into consideration of the market development trends and the last consumer needs where paint market is being leaded by; thus San Deco started to focus its R&D studies on effect paint and coatings. Today, San Deco is specialized on ‘’Decorative paint’’ with 20 million liter volume market share and 50 years of experience; also San Deco became one of the leading decorative paint brand with its R&D researches and international market power, widen on 3 continents operation.

   As being half century old company, San Deco is combining the experiences of past with its brand and sector moving forward innovative vision, by this way it meets with its distributor and customer’s satisfaction at maximum level.

   San Deco is a trademark which is respectful to ecology and human rights; adopts product and production policies which does not harm human health and also sensitive to the nature.

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