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Turkey's first effect paint manufacturer with 100 percent domestic capital San Deco, its activities in the chemical industry began in 1965. The company, which produces interior and exterior paints and plaster, focused on effect paint, which is in the decorative segment in R&D and production, taking into account the developed markets and the expectations of the end consumer that guided the sector in the 90s.

San Deco has integrated all the innovations of the developing technology into its production processes in its 2 facilities with a production capacity of 29 thousand tons, established on a total area of ​​11 thousand square meters in Kocaeli Dilovası and Algeria. Adopting the "Common Future" approach by centering human and environment in growth and production, San Deco has applied national and international high-level standards such as TSE and A + in human health and environmental protection.

Specializing in the field of effect paint with half a century of experience and offering design-oriented innovative ideas to the world of paint industry and architecture with the concept of "Architectural Paint", San Deco has become the leading brand of the decorative paint industry with its unique product range and its international market power spanning 40 countries in 4 continents.

Producing hobby paints, functional paints and water-based interior and exterior paints as well as effect paint, San Deco works with the San Deco Design Academy, which was established to contribute to the growth and employment of the Turkish paint industry, to support the development of sectoral training, qualified masters and the development of innovative architects.