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Making a name for itself with its water-based interior and exterior paints as well as functional paints, auxiliary products and stencil series products, San Deco draws attention with its innovative works in the paint industry. Finally, the company, which enables its employees to receive "sign language" training, aims to reach a wider audience with its renewed website.

San Deco, which has signed a project that makes a difference to increase the sensitivity in communication, Special Title Educational Institutions affiliated to the T.C. Ministry of National Education provided 120 hours of basic and 120 hours of practical training by Hülya Yağız Kavak, the Turkish Language Sign Language Instructor. Employees who passed the exam successfully were given "sign language" training certificates, which is the non-verbal language of the hearing impaired.

The new website is on the air…

The new website, in which the knowledge and experience of San Deco in the field of effect paints are presented effectively with a brand new content, has been launched. In this new website of San Deco, there is a section where you can get extensive information about the San Deco Design Academy, details of the training modules for those who want to study, a brief information about the trainers and an application form.

In addition to the section containing detailed information about the San Deco product range, there is also a special section for frequently asked questions, architects and design-oriented employees. It is possible to find detailed information about the dealership concept on the new website, where you can also access information and addresses about San Deco dealers.


100 percent of domestic capital Turkey's first paint manufacturer in San Deco effects, its activities in the chemical industry began in 1965. In the 90's, San Deco, which focused on effect paint in the decorative segment in R&D and production, reached a total production capacity of 29 thousand tons in its facilities established on a total area of ​​11 thousand square meters in Kocaeli Gebze and Algeria. San Deco, which puts people and the environment at the center in growth and production, has applied national and international high-level standards such as TSE and A +. With its experience of half a century, San Deco offers design-oriented innovative ideas to the building sector, paint industry and architecture world with the concept of "Architectural Paint". has become the leading brand in the decorative paint industry with its unique product range and international market power spanning 40 countries in four continents.

Producing hobby and functional paints with water-based interior and exterior paints as well as effect paint, San Deco works with the San Deco Design Academy, which was established to contribute to the growth and employment of the Turkish paint industry, to support the development of sectoral training, qualified masters and the development of innovative architects.