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Catch the Trend Colors of the Year with San Deco!

After a tough year, change is our dream. For those who want to experience this change in different areas of life, Pantone went out of the ordinary and declared two different colors in 2021 as the "color of the year": "Illuminating" and "Ultimate Gray". According to Pantone, "Blush Beauty" and "Pink Suede", which are among the softest tones of coral and pink, will also come to the fore in the spring / summer season of 2021. You can bring these colors, which are promising for the new year with their positive and refreshing effects, into your interiors with San Deco ...

Covid-19, fires, earthquakes, natural disasters, 2020 was quite difficult for our country as well as the whole world. After such an exhausting year, the common wish of all humanity is a positive-oriented change ... This desire for change, which is also echoing in the decoration world, is also reflected in the color tones of the year that Pantone has set for 2021 and the trend colors of the 2021 spring / summer season. While Pantone shows the "Illuminating" and "Ultimate Gray" tones, which will complement each other by combining them, as the colors of the new year, it highlights "Blush Beauty" and "Pink Suede", which are among the softest tones of coral and pink, for the spring / summer season.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

It is not coincidence that Pantone has determined two different colors for 2021, unlike previous years. Behind the combination of vivid yellow "Illuminating" and medium saturated gray "Ultimate Gray" is a promising metaphor: "Light at the end of the tunnel!" Pantone officials used these two colors that complement each other this year, emphasizing that a single color cannot represent our expectations from 2021. With its neutral stance, a dark gray reminiscent of storm clouds or a light gray indispensable for luxurious interiors, “Ultimate Gray” is the color of wisdom, intelligence and rebuilding for many. The color that comes as a complement to this color, which can be considered depressive for some, is more than a pale yellow, but "Illuminating", which is reminiscent of sunlight and a smiling face.

Pastel Hues Reflected from a Bunch of Flowers

The shades Pantone announced that it will come to the fore in the spring / summer season of 2021 evoke a pastel-toned bunch created with flowers that are the gems of nature. In short, in 2021, as in all design areas, flowers will bloom also in our interiors. Ecru will be one of the colors we will encounter frequently in decorations where the most naive and soft tones of pink and green will be used.

"Pink Suede", which is a more elegant version of pink with its stance suitable for many different styles from classic to modern, stands out as one of the trend colors of Pantone's 2021 spring / summer season. The coral tone “Blush Beauty”, inspired by a little orange a little pink, will be the favorite of those who support a radical change in the new season. This color tone, which adds warmth to every space with its vivid and dynamic structure, takes on an assertive and attractive aura when applied to a single wall.

Apply the Trend Colors of the Year with San Deco ...

In 2021, when design walls with inspiring textures and effects that push the limits of imagination will come to the fore instead of traditional plain walls, it is easy to reflect Pantone's new season color tones that herald the change to living spaces with San Deco products. San Deco's water-based and tintable interior paints will provide ideal solutions for all changes to be made in interiors in the new year, and will enable users to quickly adapt to 2021 color trends.