Sandeco - Eşsiz Mekanlar

Decorative Finish Glitter


Applied as topcoat paint on decorative products applied following the surface preparation on walls, plaster, gross concrete and timber surfaces.

Sandeco Uygulama Görseli


- Gives a glittery appearance to the applied product.

- Easy to apply, does not change the texture and pattern of the product on which it is applied.

- It can be erased.

- Thanks to its high water vapor permeability, it allows the steam to be expelled and breath.

- As it is water-based, it is harmless to human health and environment.

- With its perfumed feature, it provides a pleasant smell for the application environments.


Sandeco Surface

After cleaning all kinds of dust, dirt, oil, swelled paint from application area, surface irregularities should be eliminated by SAN DECO ACRYLIC PUTTY INTERIOR and should be undercoated with SAN DECO DECOPRİMER

Sandeco Surface

While applying DECORATIVE FINISH on decorative paste and on other decorative products of putty density, using a trowel or a special brush is suggested.  
If it is to be applied on paint type products, then using a roller or a brush is recommended.  
- While applying DECORATIVE FINISH with a trowel, it should not be diluted; but the application convenience should be ensured by thinning when it is to be applied with roller, brush or sponge.
- During the application and for 24 hours after application medium temperature should be kept at least at +5°C, and at most +35°C.

Sandeco Surface

Contact time at 23˚C is reached after about 2-3 hours while complete drying is reached in 24 hours.

Sandeco Surface

Consumption may vary depending on surface smoothness, absorbency and application techniques and on the product to be applied on the sub-surface. Theoretical consumption for single coat;
- 15-20 m² with 1 liter, - 15-20 m² with 1 kg, - Paint consumption 50-65 ml and 50-65 g for 1 m2 area