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Provides depth and character to all kinds of indoor walls, plaster, gross concrete and timber surfaces following surface preparation with suitable plaster and some topcoat finished.

Sandeco Uygulama Görseli
Sandeco Uygulama Görseli


- Easy to apply,

- Product can be applied as plain or textured as 2 coats,

- Product's water permeability is excellent and thanks to this property, it allows the product to breathe,

- With its natural lime content, it is naturally resistant against bacteria and mold.

- Water-based



Sandeco Surface

After cleaning all kinds of dust, dirt, oil, swelled paint from the application area, surface irregularities should be eliminated by SAN DECO Acrylic Putty Interior and should be plastered with SAN DECO Decoprimer.

Sandeco Surface

Before the application, MARMOROSSO MARMORINO is mixed thoroughly with a spatula without diluting.
- Then it is applied to the surface as a first layer with a steel trowel.
- Depending on the temperature of the environment, the second layer can be applied after 6-8 hours.
- A second layer should be applied in a thickness suitable for the desired texture and pattern effect. With a steel trowel, apply the product homogeneously as a second layer by pressing in various directions.
- Depending on the temperature of the environment, after the product starts to shrink, the wetness on the surface gradually begins to become dull. In the meantime, a small amount of material is applied to the surface by pressing it in various directions with a trowel and the product is compressed until the surface becomes completely homogeneous.
- Then the product is polished with a clean steel trowel and the polishing process is started. The more the product is smoothed with a trowel until it dries, the brighter it will be.
- Since the product is natural lime based, the color of the product will be opened 4-5 tones after complete drying.
- After complete drying after application; By applying San Deco Shield (matte or glossy); It can also be used in interior and exterior humid environments. Odor release may occur in places where the temperature is high and humid due to natural lime. Therefore, it is recommended to apply san deco shield (matte or glossy) on marmarosso marmarino in such environments.
- The temperature of the environment must be kept between +5 ° C minimum and +35 ° C maximum, during the application and during the 24 hours after application.

Sandeco Surface

Allow 6-8 hours for touch dry and 24-48 hours for complete dry at 23 oC environment conditions.

Sandeco Surface

Depending on the surface smoothness, its porosity and the application methods, for two layers application:
Smooth application for two layers;
-1 lt covers  1,00 – 1,30 m²,of surface
-1 kg covers 0,65- – 0,85 m2 of surface
-The paint consumption for 1 m2 area is 765-1015 ml and 1200-1600 gr.
Textured application for two layers ;
-1 lt covers  0,65-0,85 m²,of surface
-1 kg covers 0,40-0,50 m2 of surface
-The paint consumption for 1 m2 area is 1275-1590 ml and 2000-2500 gr.