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OBIANTE provides depth and character to all kinds of indoor walls, plaster, gross concrete and timber surfaces following surface preparation with suitable plaster and pearlescent final coat solution.

Sandeco Uygulama Görseli
Sandeco Uygulama Görseli


- Easy to apply.

- It has an excellent filling capacity. Applied as a single coat.

- Its water permeability is excellent and thanks to this property, it allows the product to breathe.

- Thanks to its natural lime content, it is naturally resistant against bacteria and mold.

- Water based.


OBIANTE is a natural lime-based decorative coating material used in interior walls, which is a mixture of different sizes of marble powder and natural minerals.

Sandeco Colors


Sandeco Colors



Sandeco Surface

After cleaning all kinds of dust, dirt, oil, swelled paint from the application area, surface irregularities should be eliminated by SAN DECO ACRYLIC PUTTY INTERIOR and should be plastered with SAN DECO DECOPRIMER.

Sandeco Surface

Before application, OBIANTE should be softened by mixing with steel hoe without diluting. 
- Then OBIANTE is applied on surface as a single coat according to the desired thickness with a steel hoe. 
Various designs are formed with a special tool while the product is still wet. 
- After 20 minutes at 23±2˚C, when product starts to settle, the surface is finished by furbishing it with a steel trowel. In order to ensure a better smoothness and brightness, the surface of the product is thoroughly smoothened with trowel after spraying water on OBIANTE product. Then let it drying.   
- After complete dryness is reached with OBIANTE product, Pearlescent Decorative Finish is applied in one or more color as desired to complete the procedure. 
- The temperature of the application environment must be kept between +5°C and +35°C during application and for 24 hours afterwards.

Sandeco Surface

Allow 5-6 hours for touch dry and 24 hours for complete dry at 23oC environment conditions.

Sandeco Surface

Depending on surface smoothness, porosity and application methods, for a single coat application;
- 1 lt covers 1,05 – 1,40 m² of surface
- 1 kg covers 0,65 – 0,85 m2 of surface
- The paint consumption for 1 m2 area is 715–950 ml and 1200–1600 gr.