Sandeco - Eşsiz Mekanlar

Dentex Deco


In all kinds of buildings; Plaster is used on exposed concrete, brick, wood, briquette, eternit and on primed metal surfaces and exterior thermal insulation systems with a suitable primer.

Sandeco Uygulama Görseli


- DENTEX Deco covers the flaws on the surface with the thick film layer it creates during application.

- It is resistant to alkali.

- Thanks to its water vapor permeability, it allows the water vapor to be expelled and the surface to breathe.

- It is water based; It does not smell and does not harm human health and the environment.


Sandeco Surface

Clean all kinds of dirt, oil, blistered Paint and dust off the application surface and level the surface defaults with SAN DECO ACRYLIC PUTTY EXTERIOR. Surfaces with old paint or surfaces to be painted must be undercoated with SAN DECO UNIPRIMER.

Sandeco Surface

- Prior to application, dilute DENTEX DECO with 5-10 % of fresh water then mix it well until it is homogenous.

- Product can be applied with roller and then desired pattern can be obtained with specific roller type,

- It is recommended to apply without dilution if a thicker texture is preferred,

- If DENTEX product is applied on DENTEX DECO, after 24 hours of drying time, apply DENTEX paint by diluting it with 5-10% water with - roller in 2 coats,

- The temperature of the application environment must be kept between +5°C and +35°C during application and for 24 hours afterwards.

Sandeco Surface

Allow 4-6 hours for touch dry and 24 hours for complete dry at 23oC environment conditions.

Sandeco Surface

Depending on surface smoothness, porosity and application methods, for a single coat application:

DENTEX DECO Fine Pattern:
- 1 lt covers 1,25 – 1,55 m² of surface,
- 1 kg covers 0,65– 0,85 m2 of surface,
- The paint consumption for 1 m2 area is 640 -800 ml and 1200 - 1500 gr.

DENTEX DECO Thick Pattern:
- 1 lt covers 0,9 – 1,25 m² of surface,
- 1 kg covers 0,50 – 0,70 m2 of surface,
- The paint consumption for 1 m2 area is 800 -1100 ml and 1420 - 2000 gr.