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For aesthetics as well as for the exterior facades of buildings, Sandeco offers products with different solutions in long-lasting paint and exterior cladding materials that are functional and weatherproof.

You are going to achieve both aesthetic and lasting results with exterior paints, decorative plaster and coatings that are produced on the basis of the minerals obtained from nature itself against the products that do not harm human health and against the unrelenting conditions of nature.

Textured exterior paints and acrylic emulsion-based matte and glossy wall paints can eliminate surface defects completely. If you want to keep up with the trends of the day, you can apply the decorative concrete plaster with simple and industrial air to the exterior of your building. Roof tiles with water-based and silicone-added varieties will provide you with reliable and bright finishes on your roofs thanks to the insulation feature.

You will be able to see the colors and textures of nature on the surfaces of your buildings thanks to the decorative exterior wall cladding that provides elegant and aesthetic solutions on your building facades. If you wish, use a line texture, travertine-like finish, or mineral siding for natural colored stones. The choice is yours…

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