Sandeco - Eşsiz Mekanlar

Super Ceiling


SUPER CEILING is applied on mineral new ceilings like rough plaster, concrete, cement sheet and old painted ceilings, after preparation of the surface.

Sandeco Uygulama Görseli


- It does not crack as soon as it adheres perfectly to the surface.

- It covers the surface well and has a high whiteness.

- Thanks to its high water vapor permeability, it allows water vapor to be expelled and the surface to breathe.

- It is water based; It does not smell and is harmless to human health and the environment.


Sandeco Surface

After removing all kind of dirt, oil, blistered paint and dust from the application surfaces, the defects of the surface should be corrected with SAN DECO ACRYLIC PUTTY INTERIOR. Previously painted surfaces and surfaces which will be painted should be undercoated by SAN DECO UNIPRIMER.

Sandeco Surface

• Prior to application, mix well SUPER CEILING by diluting it with (maximum) 20-25% of fresh water.
• Apply two coats with a brush, roller or a spraying system and wait minimum 2 hours before applying the second coat.
• The environment of application must be kept between +5°C to +35°C within 24 hours during and after the application.

Sandeco Surface

Allow 2-4 hours for touch dry and 24 hours for complete dry at 23 oC environment conditions. 

Sandeco Surface

Depending on the surface smoothness, its porosity and the application methods, for a single coat application:
- 1 liter of paint covers an area of 14,5 – 15,5 m²
- 1 kg of paint covers an area of 8,5 – 9,5 m2
- The paint consumption for 1 m2 area is 65 - 70 ml and 105 - 120 gr.