Sandeco - Eşsiz Mekanlar

Beton Contact


BETON CONTACT is used to increase the adherence of gypsum plaster and similar lime-gypsum mortars on exposed concrete.

Sandeco Uygulama Görseli


- Adheres very well to the surface.

- Penetrates exposed concrete very well to provide a good ground for other application materials,

- As it is water-based, it is harmless to human health and environment.


Sandeco Surface

Clean all dirt, oil, blistered paint and dust off the application surface; level the surface defects, if any. 

Sandeco Surface

Prior to application dilute BETON CONTACT with 40-45% water, mix well.
- Then apply the product with roller,
- Start plaster or gypsum application 24 hours after applying BETON CONTACT.
- The environment of application must be kept between +5°C to +35°C within 24 hours during and after the application.

Sandeco Surface

Allow 5-6 hours for touch dry and 24 hours for complete dry at 23oC environment conditions. 

Sandeco Surface

Depending on surface smoothness, porosity and application methods, for a single coat application;
- 1 lt covers 5,5– 11,0 m² of surface,
- 1 kg covers 3,0– 6,5 m2 of surface,
- The paint consumption for 1 m2 area is 90 -180 ml and 150- 330 gr.