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Mysterious Segment of Decorative Paint Groups Effect Paints
Paint From Past to Present
When we look at the past, we can see that the first emergence of paint goes far, even before history. Paints were created using plant or mineral substances in the prehistoric period. This situation has been maintained for ages. Paint production, which consisted of craftsmanship until the beginning of the 20th century, became a craft thanks to the inventions in the field of industrialization and chemistry, and today it has become a large-volume sector.

Effect Paint Group Overview
Effect paints can be described as a mysterious group that feeds on the development and change of decorative paint. In addition to interior and exterior paints, effect paints are also included in the decorative paint group of the paint industry. Effect dyes are divided into many groups according to the special raw materials they contain, and the properties of each group are different. Thanks to the art of applying effect paints and the different components in the paint, it adds color filling volume to the environments and patterns the walls. The continuously developing effect paints group offers a wide range of products to the end user in texture, pattern and color options. Imagine a paint that gives the appearance of natural stone with a marble pattern or a paint that reflects a different color depending on the angle you look at… The effect group is one of the most modernized methods to personalize and customize interiors. Based on its 50-year history, Deka Boya has succeeded in becoming the locomotive in the effect coatings industry.

Better More Practical
Effect paints, whose foundations were laid in ancient times, were enriched with new raw material discoveries in the 20th century and the syntheticization of natural raw materials and mass production, as was the case with "flat" decorative paints. On the basis of presenting such a wide range, besides the studies of R&D, the use of raw material types that we can describe as innovative also has an effect. This group, which has been called art since the past, is also developed with simple application methods suitable for today's usage conditions.

Every practitioner does not need to be an artist anymore and users can even apply paints that suit their tastes! As with decorative paints, products that can be easily applied with a roller brush or trowel are designed for effect paints, and the application videos of all products of Deka Boya can be accessed online. Application facilities are offered to the construction sector as well as the end consumer. You can apply many effect paints under the San Deco brand using a spray gun and save time.

Responding to Needs
As in every industry, the effect paint industry competes with current market conditions and is of course subject to the restrictions on consumer products. Adapting to innovative and current trends is the first goal in the effect paint industry. With the development of technologies, the effect group has also invented products for functional decoration. Patterned paints that provide washable hydrophobic thermal insulation and have long-lasting properties combine design and technology for users. Most of the paints in the effect segment are water-based and do not contain solvents, so they do not have any negative effects on the health of the people in the areas used. As with all paints, VOC (Volatile Organic Components) values ​​are controlled and these values ​​must be kept below the levels specified in the European Union harmonization process.

Today, industrial issues are always at the forefront. Production capacities, quality costs, logistics chain… All these factors are for customer satisfaction. The diversity of the effect group brings to mind the inventory costs known as the main problem of distributors and dealers and the improvement activities of the supply chain. Deka Boya (San Deco) provides the opportunity to color its products in the color machine by working as a base in order to support its partners in this regard. Thanks to this solution, you do not need to stock every color of the products. Thanks to the effect coats known for their ease of application, you can update your environment with these products that will add color richness and innovation to your wall by using only one roller without changing your existing interior paint.

Target Audiences of Effect Paint
It is necessary to follow the movements of the market and address both the general construction sector and the user in the retail sector. When the customer base and application areas are examined, there is a population that does not have age, gender and social standards. The application areas do not know any boundaries in interior spaces and effect paints suitable for all kinds of surfaces can be found. Each country's culture and concept of taste is different, so Deka Boya (San Deco) discovers new products, inspired by the colors and forms of fashion, food, nature and life worldwide. The decoration industry has gained momentum in recent years and with this effect paints have started to be recognized in the domestic market. It has managed to become the favorite of architects, contractors and families in a very short time.

The Future of Effect Dyes
We are in a period where R&D studies continue without slowing down and new discoveries are made every day. The effect group is not only with inventions that feed the paint industry, but also cosmetic textiles and so on. It continues to design new products inspired by innovations in areas such as. We are talking about a segment where the production processes and application apparatus of new technologies are of great importance. As it should be, we can see that in an age when consumers and producers are increasingly sensitive not to use harmful substances to health and the environment, ways to obtain products from naturally sourced raw materials are sought and bio products are being introduced in the markets. These studies will continue and will deepen over time. As Deka Boya (San Deco), we have been offering you the best of effect paints for years, taking advantage of our experience in the sector and gaining strength from our international team, and we always prioritize service in line with our quality policy. Deka Boya (San Deco) will continue to add color to your life.