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Meet with our instructors at San Deco Design Academy and consult any questions you have about paint and craftsmanship.

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Mitat Sayım

I work as Efect Boya Master Master in San Deco. In my 20 years of professional life, I have progressed with the principle of being programmed and disciplined, so I am the Mahmut teacher of the Hababam class from time to time. I am always generous and cooperative in sharing my knowledge. I took part in domestic and international projects in the application works of San Deco. If I want to introduce myself with colors, I can say "Gray".


Mukhlisa Karimova

I work as an Effects Paint Specialist and Trainer at San Deco. Following innovations in designs and trends, thinking about how to integrate with our own products and doing new experiments with music in the workshop always enables me to do my job with energy. Since following innovations keeps my creativity constant, I never miss out on making suggestions on being open to innovation and being original in my training. For those who say “women cannot paint, not women”, contributing to training female masters has been the most proud aspect of my profession. When I define myself with colors, I can call myself "White".