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Sandeco effect paints are attractive alternatives to traditional paint applications. Sandeco has a wide range of products which are innovative and trendy. The walls created with Sandeco effect paint rollers will be very unique.

Sandeco Effect Spatula is an effect spatula which can be used in punching process with Sandeco products such as Galaxy, Cometa, Amarsis.

Polishing is a process which is applied to tighten and smooth a surface. This special application tool can be used in polishing process.

After the paint is applied, polishing is done without taking any more product on the brush. That way the surface becomes more homogeneous. After the paint is applied, Sandeco Effect Spatula is used.

Sandeco Effect Spatula is being applied to pass over the paint by holding the spatula at a 45 degree angle with a little pressureIn order to obtain a homogeneous image, the tilting process should be applied in different directions.

The plastic handle of the spatula makes it very comfortable to grip and does not sweat the hand during application. It is very important to be able to move the hand freely. The materials have been carefully selected and the product has been specially designed so that professionals can paint fast and smoothly.

While using Sandeco Effect Spatula, only one side of the spatula should touch the paint and the hand should always stay on the other side.