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Sandeco Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel with Gold Handle 200 x 80 mm

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Sandeco Gold-Plated Handled Steel Finish Trowel is made of stainless steel and is specially designed with an open handle which will help to use it comfortably and easily.

The corners of the steel part are rounded for more comfortable use, which allows it to be used on large surfaces easily. Its size is 200 x 80 mm.

It can be used with Sandeco products such as Beton Deco,Obiante, Marmorosso Marmorino, Metalium Effect, Decostucco, Atracto and Travertino . It can be used for a long time thanks to its stainless steel and gold-plated handles.It is recommended cleaning the trowel before the materials on the trowel dry and to keep it clean until the next use. It is suitable for use with plaster and putty products. It is a highly preferred Premium finishing trowel for surface finishing.)