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As San Deco, we produce more than just paint. We produce "decorative paint"; For us, this also means that we produce happiness, beauty and quality. As San Deco, we have embraced these values and remained true to our values throughout our journey; we will stay. In addition, we are always aware of our responsibility towards the nature from which we draw inspiration; For this reason, we have adopted environmentally friendly production policies. As a natural result of all these criteria.

"We Are Beyond Colors"...

As San Deco, we offer a wide range of decorative paint options to the paint world; We get the energy to do this from the passion and dedication we feel to find aesthetic beauty. As an example, we can give our customers' favorite "Flake Family". This paint family consists of Cometa (Multi Gold Silver Bronze) and Galaxy products. We used the inspiration we got from the universe and the stars in our paints produced by the combination of artistic aesthetic beauty and environmentally friendly production policies. Everything is to bring your dreams to your walls with the sparkle of the stars. Adding depth and character to your walls, the "Flake Family" can be used in any interior wall you can imagine, from homes to workplaces to offices and markets. Wall plaster can be used on exposed concrete and wooden surfaces with a suitable primer after the floor preparation. The beauty of San Deco for your home promises prestige for your office or work space. In addition, all of our "Flake Family" products have low VOC values. Environmental factors, which are the most important criteria in terms of customer satisfaction and ethical responsibility in the Decorative Paint sector, are also top priority for San Deco. It is precisely for this reason that we have adopted "Environment Friendly" production policies and carried out our R&D studies in this direction.


-An interior decorative paint with low VOC values,
-It carries aesthetic beauty to your walls with its granule structure,
-The color of the applied area does not change with its transparent structure; It gains a charismatic appearance,
-It is resistant to long-term and hard abrasion or light chemicals,
-It is water-based and does not harm human health,
-It gives pleasant scents to the environment with its perfumed content.