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Our Story » SAN DECO


Summary of the adventure starting in 1965!

Founded in 1965, San Deco entered into the sector by starting to produce interior – exterior paints and plasters. In the 90s, taking the horizontal expansion in advanced markets and end consumer needs determining the direction of the paint sector into consideration, San Deco concentrated its R&D work on decorative paints.

Today, specializing in “decorative paint” having a volumetric distribution of more than 20 million liters in the market share with its experience of half a century, San Deco has been one of leading brands in the decorative paint sector with its powerful presence spreading across three continents in the international market.

As a company with a 50-year-old history, San Deco ensures the satisfaction of both its distributors and its customers by merging its experience from the past together with its innovative vision carrying its brand and the sector forward. The brand, also providing service in application area to support its production, shows innovative

approaches fostered by diversity which in turn use this diversity to reinforce its creativity.

Being a brand that is respectful to human rights and ecology, San Deco employs product and production policies that are environmentally conscious and unharmful to people’s health.

Today, San Deco supplies services and products on many fields and provide extensive employment opportunities with its dealer network, professional sales team and R&D policies. Focusing on relevant dynamics by observing the expectancies of the customers and the sector and offering mutual gain; San Deco continues to lead the decorative paint sector with the power it draws from its production, R&D, and associates.

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